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Trench heater with natural convection FC 80-22-9-ALS with roll-up silver colour aluminium grille
277,78 incl. delivery to USA

• Dimensions: 80 x 22 x 9.0 cm

• Output: 179W (75/65/20°C); 138W (55/45/20°C)

• Efficient, fast and economical heating device
• Great looks and solid thermal power
UNIVERSAL. Suitable for working with all heat sources, including heat
RELIABLE. Warranty for the whole device - 10 years
STAINLESS STEEL CASING. The casing will last for decades - it is made
of stainless steel
NOISE. Does not emit any noise at all, so it can be installed in
DOUBLE GRID PROFILE. When one side is worn, you flip the grille over
and make it like new again
ODISED ALUMINUM GRILL AND FRAME. The grille and frame are
made of pure aluminum. Their surface is anodized - covered with an
aesthetic and durable coating
STRONG. Easily maintains the weight of even a few people
CERTIFIED. Heating power was measured in an independent
accredited laboratory according to the European standard EN16430
RESISTANCE. Maximum operating pressure 25 bar


incl. delivery to USA
Arrives: Jun. 3 - 6
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Customer reviews

  • We have chosen “Konveka” convectors as the main heating devices in three class A office buildings. The heating system installation works were performed in these buildings and we are satisfied with the choice because the manufacturer not only delivered the ordered heating devices in time but also complied with all special requirements stated by the builder: the colour of the convectors was matched to the colour of the building facade elements and special connecting pipe coverings were supplied. During two years of usage of the building we had no complaints about “Konveka” convectors.

    Liutauras Kažukauskas Director, Engineering system solutions