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Konveka is full production cycle convector manufacturing company engaged in this activity since 2005. The range of products we develop and manufacture is wide: from simple natural convection convectors to complex devices with fans for heating, cooling and ventilation.


Konveka is a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable convectors:

  • We provide a 5 - 10 year warranty for all our products (except their electrical part) without additional warranty extension fees.
  • The capacities of all our products are determined by independent accredited laboratories according to current standards. With us, 1kW means 1kW.
  • We do not use cheap, unapproved solutions or use unreliable materials when designing and manufacturing our devices.


Although we operate in a highly competitive international market, we are at the forefront where quality, durability and reliability are valued. We are well known in Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Central Asia. Konveka products can be seen in many prestigious buildings around the world: administrative buildings, shopping malls, airports, restaurants, theaters, universities, hotels, apartment buildings and individual homes.


Konveka consistently wins national awards (see below) for reliability, consistency and business growth.


Our slogan  - "More than you expected" reflects the quality of our products and technical solutions, which often exceed customer expectations. We value our customers and are happy to be a part of their successful business.