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Wall-mounted fan coil WMCF
Heat output in average 1494 W/m
Length 100 and 150 cm
Width 14,8 cm
Height 50 cm
Heating Cooling With fans
WMCF izometrija.png WMC_shadow.png WMCF sprogimas.png

Powerful wall-mounted fan coils WMCF are cost efficient and effective heating appliances. They have high heating capacity and can be used as the main heating devices, even in the case of low to medium energy performance buildings.

  • Due to extremely low inertia, can quickly increase and maintain the set room temperature, providing the room with exactly as much heat as you require just when it is required.
  • Quiet and extremely economical EC fans increase the convection efficiency more than 4 times, almost without any sound.
  • Create an effective warm air curtain for large windows, without allowing cold to penetrate the premises. The heat is perfectly distributed throughout the room.
  • The standard colour is white, but they are also available in other RAL standard colours on request.
  • A classic design and a wide range of colour options allow the convectors to be adapted to a wide range of the interior designs and styles.
  • The casings are safe: they have no sharp edges and do not reach temperatures over 40°C.
WMCF heat outputs (W)
Length (cm) Rotation speed of fans
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
100 792 1003 1161 1296 1417
150 1328 1681 1946 2171 2373

  1. Powder coated steel casing
  2. Brackets
  3. Fan holder
  4. Copper aluminium heat exchanger
  5. Air vent
  6. Heat exchanger fixing-protection elements
  1. Fan with EC motor
  2. Air filter    


      Installation manual

      Cardboard box




[5.9 MB] Catalogue Konveka WMCF
[993.9 KB] Installation manual Konveka WMCF
[2.7 MB] BIM files Konveka WMCF

Thermostatic valve (axial) TVA15
Controls flow of energy carrier. Controled by thermal actuator TA24

Operating temperature -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel

Lockshield (angle) LA15
Opens, closes or limits flow of energy carrier

Operating temperature  -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel


Thermal actuator TA24
Opens / closes thermostatic valve. Controled by room thermostat RTB

Operating voltage -  24 VAC
Power consumption - 2,5W
Protection class - IP54
Thread - M30 x 1,5mm
Body material - PC/ABS


Control box CB20
For power supply of fans, actuators TA24 and room thermostat RTB

24VDC power supply
Power - 20W
Current - 0,84A
Electrical terminals
Stainless steel casing


Room thermostats RTB
Controls thermal actuator TA24 according to preset room temperature

Dimensions 86 x 86 x 13,3 mm
Week timer
Operating temperature 5 - 35°C
Voltage -  24 VDC, max current - 3A
Power consumption - 1,5W



WMCF 100 15 50 WMCF 100


Lockshield angle LA15
Thermostatic valve axial                                   TVA15
Control box CB20


Customer reviews

  • Konveka as a supplier is one that always give good and fast response. They are very knowledgeable in convectors and their products and when working with them you understand that they have thought of all aspects in their product development. Also when facing projects with special needs, Konveka is very supportive and can bring forward new designs that will fit those needs.

    Managing Director at Distribution company Sweden
  • Pleasure to work with you. 

    Proposals submitted promptly, optimal option is always found. Problems and issues are resolved in a timely manner.

    We are positive with continuing our smooth cooperation. 

    Deputy Director at construction company Lithuania
  • Solid company. Fast execution of orders and suitable delivery times to Ukraine.

    I recommend visiting their factory! Wide selection of heating and cooling devices.

    Quality advice and excellent support for large projects at all stages. In the case of exceptional projects, non-standard solutions are found. Managers does a great job.

    My respect for the company and evaluation 5/5.

    Manager at Distribution company Ukraine
  • This isn't the first time we've bought and installed Konveka‘s products and we are very pleased. Excellent quality, professional approach and best production terms.

    Konveka employees always respond quickly to our inquiries, provide professional technical support and easily find solutions in non-standard situations.

    Procurement Specialist at Installing Company Latvia
  • We are partners with Konveka since 2017. Since then this manufacturer not only developed many new convector models, but also improved the existing ones. 

    We are pleased with the productivity and engineering-creative potential of Konveka specialists. All of their products are certified according to EU standards, which greatly helps us to sell them. 

    We can count on quality products, specialists who are always open to dialogue, and a fair pricing policy. We are very happy and comfortable working with a global leader in our industry. 

    Sales Representative Central Asia
  • Our company would like to sincerely thank to Konveka for its quality products and timely production of convectors. Your timely produced and shipped orders have allowed us to run our business smoothly.
    We believe in the continued maintenance of the existing friendly relations and further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

    Distribution company
  • We have been working with Konveka for about a year. Thanks to remote trainings, and their visit to Georgia, we were convinced that Konveka convectors are very high quality. While working with such product, we are confident that both parties: installers and the final consumer will be satisfied with the product.

    Showing a sample of a convector to a customer, doesn’t take a long time to convince about the quality of the proposed product. The convector speaks for itself. During the demonstration of the sample, both experts in this field and not, notesits functional and visual advantages in comparison with similar products of competitors presented on our market.

    It is also very important that Konveka employees are very reliable partners, you can contact them with any technical questions, or when advice is needed. They are always very quick with competent answers, advice and solutions.

    At last, a very important factor is the competitive price. We are sure that the price that Konveka offers us is always adequate and competitive. And if there is some kind of reference project or we need a price from our partner for a tender or to fight competitors, then we know that even here we will not be left alone on the battlefield and Konveka will try to do everything for a specific project to support us. And we really appreciate it!

    On the whole, we are very glad that we have such a partner. 

    CEO at Distribution company Georgia
  • Thank you KONVEKA for your professionalism and efficiency at work. You are a reliable business partner with great expertise in your field.
    We would like to sincerely thank you for your concern for our partners, to whom you always provide help and support.
    On behalf of our customers, we thank you for the quality, efficiency and aesthetics of our products.


    Distribution company Kazakhstan
  • We have chosen “Konveka” convectors as the main heating devices in three class A office buildings. The heating system installation works were performed in these buildings and we are satisfied with the choice because the manufacturer not only delivered the ordered heating devices in time but also complied with all special requirements stated by the builder: the colour of the convectors was matched to the colour of the building facade elements and special connecting pipe coverings were supplied. During two years of usage of the building we had no complaints about “Konveka” convectors.

    CEO at Installing Company Lithuania