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Wall-mounted convectors with fans WMCF
Heat output in average 1494 W/m
Length 100 and 150 cm
Width 14,8 cm
Height 50 cm
Heating With fans
WMCF izometrija.png WMC_shadow.png WMCF sprogimas.png
10-years warranty for heating elements
Tested by independent accredited laboratory according to EN16430
Especially low noise level
The most economical and quiet EC-type fans
Max working pressure 25 bar
Safe voltage of fans
Work perfectly with heat pumps and condensing boilers
Small water content

Powerful wall-mounted convectors with fans WMCF are cost efficient and effective heating appliances. They have high heating capacity and can be used as the main heating devices, even in the case of low to medium energy performance buildings.

  • Due to extremely low inertia, can quickly increase and maintain the set room temperature, providing the room with exactly as much heat as you require just when it is required.
  • Quiet and extremely economical EC fans increase the convection efficiency more than 4 times, almost without any sound.
  • Create an effective warm air curtain for large windows, without allowing cold to penetrate the premises. The heat is perfectly distributed throughout the room.
  • The standard colour is white, but they are also available in other RAL standard colours on request.
  • A classic design and a wide range of colour options allow the convectors to be adapted to a wide range of the interior designs and styles.
  • The casings are safe: they have no sharp edges and do not reach temperatures over 40°C.
WMCF heat outputs (W)
Length (cm) Rotation speed of fans
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
100 792 1003 1161 1296 1417
150 1328 1681 1946 2171 2373

  1. Powder coated steel casing
  2. Brackets
  3. Fan holder
  4. Copper aluminium heat exchanger
  5. Air vent
  6. Heat exchanger fixing-protection elements
  1. Fan with EC motor
  2. Air filter    


      Installation manual

      Cardboard box




[5.9 MB] Catalogue Konveka WMCF
[869.5 KB] Installation manual Konveka WMCF
[2.7 MB] BIM files Konveka WMCF

Thermostatic valve (axial) TVA15
Controls flow of energy carrier. Controled by thermal actuator TA24

Operating temperature -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel

Lockshield (angle) LA15
Opens, closes or limits flow of energy carrier

Operating temperature  -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel


Thermal actuator TA24
Opens / closes thermostatic valve. Controled by room thermostat RTB

Operating voltage -  24 VAC
Power consumption - 2,5W
Protection class - IP54
Thread - M30 x 1,5mm
Body material - PC/ABS


Control box CB20
For power supply of fans, actuators TA24 and room thermostat RTB

24VDC power supply
Power - 20W
Current - 0,84A
Electrical terminals
Stainless steel casing


Room thermostats RTB
Controls thermal actuator TA24 according to preset room temperature

Dimensions 86 x 86 x 13,3 mm
Week timer
Operating temperature 5 - 35°C
Voltage -  24 VDC, max current - 3A
Power consumption - 1,5W



WMCF 100 15 50 WMCF 100


Lockshield angle LA15
Thermostatic valve axial                                   TVA15
Control box CB20