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10 Models
Length from 120 to 300 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 13 cm
Heating Cooling With fans
FCH izometrija shadow.png FCH_shadow.png FCH 54_009pp.png 50_004pp.jpg FCH 50_001.png FCH 51_001.png
10-years warranty for casings and heating elements
Made of stainless steel
Tested by independent accredited laboratory according to EN16430
Especially low noise level
The most economical and quiet EC-type fans
Max working pressure 25 bar
Safe voltage of fans
Work perfectly with heat pumps and condensing boilers
Drain pans are in standard set
Acoustically insulated

     FCH are among the most powerful trench heaters designed for heating and cooling.

  • Both heated and cooled air is raised right up the ceiling to result in an even distribution throughout the room.
  • 4 and 2 pipe connection versions are available. The 4 pipe connection guarantees maximum flexibility, whereas the 2 pipe connection will ensure the maximum capacity.
  • The air flow passing through the appliance is continuously filtered to trap a considerable part of the dust and dirt in the room and protect the convector from contamination.
  • The set includes drain pans that allow the device to operate both above and below the dew point. 
  • Quiet and extremely economical EC fans increase the convection efficiency more than 4 times, almost without any sound.
  • Due to extremely low inertia, can quickly increase and precisely maintain the set room temperature, providing the room with exactly as much heat as you require just when it is required.
  • Create an effective warm air curtain for large windows, without allowing cold to penetrate the premises. The heat is perfectly distributed throughout the room.
  • Operates very well with low-temperature heat sources, such as heat pumps or condensing boilers.
  • Fully floor-mounted, and therefore do not impede free passage.
  • Perfect for any interior, as the only visible element is the grill, the material and colour of which can match the floor covering.
  • May be walked on and can easily withstand the weight of a number of adults.
  • Supplied with a stainless steel casings and copper-aluminium heat exchangers, to ensure they remain extremely reliable over the long-term.
Heating Cooling
FCH2 heat outputs/cooling capacities (W). 2-pipe system
Length (cm) Rotation speed of fans
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
120 973 1830 2523 3052 3418
170 1751 3294 4542 5494 6152
200 1945 3660 5047 6105 6835
250 2723 5124 7065 8547 9569
300 3501 6588 9084 10989 12303
FCH4 heat outputs/cooling capacities (W). 4-pipe system
Length (cm) Rotation speed of fans
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
120 901 1380 1661 1859 2013
170 1623 2485 2989 3347 3624
200 1803 2761 3321 3719 4027
250 2524 3865 4650 5206 5638
300 3245 4969 5978 6694 7249

  1. Stainless steel casing
  2. Brackets for heat exchanger
  3. Hydraulic connections cover
  4. Casing's stiffening elements
  5. Air guiding element
  6. Drain pan
  7. Copper - aluminium heat exchanger
  8. Air vent
  9. Heat exchanger fixing - protecting elements
  10. Fan with EC motor
  11. Air filter
  12. Vibration dampers for fan
  13. Control box (optional)
  1. Protective - decorative grille (optional)
  2. Height adjustment and vertical load supporting bolts
  3. Noise isolating elements for adjusting screws
  4. Casing fixing to the floor brackets
  5. Noise isolation elements for floor brackets
  6. Pipe sealing and protection elements
  7. Cable sealing and protection elements
  8. Plugs for unused casing holes
  9. Anodized aluminium frame; colour matches the colour of grille


     Installation manual

     5-layer, 2 parts cardboard box, additionally used for device protecting during installation and construction works

[7.5 MB] Konveka FCH catalogue 2021.pdf
[1.9 MB] FCH installation manual.pdf
[4.6 MB] BIM files for FCH.7z









Room thermostats RTB
Controls thermal actuator TA24 according to preset room temperature

Dimensions 86 x 86 x 13,3 mm
Week timer
Operating temperature 5 - 35°C
Voltage -  24 VDC, max current - 3A
Power consumption - 1,5W

Thermostatic valve (straight)  TVS15
Controls flow of energy carrier. Controled by thermal actuator TA24

Operating temperature -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel


Lockshield (straight) LS15
Opens, closes or limits flow of energy carrier

Operating temperature -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel


Lockshield (angle) LA15
Opens, closes or limits flow of energy carrier

Operating temperature  -10℃ - 120℃
Thread 1/2″
Pressure rating - PN10
Kvs - 2,00
Bidy - brass covered by nickel


Thermal actuator TA24
Opens / closes thermostatic valve. Controled by room thermostat RTB

Operating voltage -  24 VDC
Power consumption - 2,5W
Protection class - IP54
Thread - M30 x 1,5mm
Body material - PC/ABS


Control box CB60
For power supply of fans, actuators TA24 and room thermostat RTB

24VDC power supply
Power - 60W
Current - 0,84A
Electrical terminals
Stainless steel casing





TYPE          LENGTH, cm WIDTH, cm HEIGHT, cm EXAMPLE           
FCH2 200 32 13 FCH2 200
FCH4   200 32 13 FCH4 200


GR 200 32 ALS GR 200-32-ALS
GR-L   200 32 ALS GR-L 200-32-ALS
GR      -   roll-up                                                                                              ALS    -   aluminium, silver colour  
GR-L   -   linear   AL10  -   aluminium, brown
    AL50  -   aluminium, black
    OAK   -   oak
    ASH    -   ash
    BEE     -   beech


Lockshield straight LS15
Lockshield angle LA15
Thermostatic valve straight        TVS15
Thermostatic valve axial TVA15
Thermal actuator 24VDC TA24
Control box CB60
Room thermostat RTB