30-year warranty for the casings and heat exchangers

We are confident in the longevity of our housings and heat exchangers; therefore, we provide them with a 30-year guarantee.

Especially quiet operation

We have achieved exceptionally low noise levels usingextremely quiet EC fans and by the optimisation of their rotational speed and design of the devices.

Tested according to EN16430

The outputs of all products manufactured by Konveka have been tested by independent accredited laboratories according to the current standards. With us, 1 kW means 1 kW.

All body parts are made of stainless steel

Stainless steel provides 100% corrosion protection for an indefinite time. It is also 54% and 45% harder than carbon steel, so it can withstand loads during transportation, installation, and operation.

Fans with EC technology

All Konveka forced convection devices are equipped with fans that employ EC technology. This is far superior to AC technology, as the fans:

1. Are 7 times more economical.

2. Brushless motors are more durable and are maintenance-free.

3. Speed is adjustable stepless, using only as much power as required.

4. Starting currents do not exceed the operating currents.

5. Minimum rotation speed is 10% (from the max.)

Reinforced casings

As a standard, the FH convector casings are equipped with:

1. Stiffening elements to maintain the pressure of the concrete – from 2 to 3 pcs, depending on the length of the casing.

2. M10 support screws to withstand the vertical load – from 4 to 12 pcs.

3. Mounting brackets for attaching the casing to the floor – 4 pcs.

These structural elements, together with the strong casing material, ensure their stable shape during installation, transportation and operation.

Work perfectly with low-temperature energy carriers

Due to their high efficiency, FH are very suitable for operating with low-temperature energy carriers, such as heat pumps and condensing boilers.

Sound insulation

All the supporting parts have sound-insulating elements, to prevent the spread of sound to the premises below.

Maximum operating pressure – 25 bar

All the devices are factory-tested for leaks at a pressure of 30 bar. The maximum maintained pressure (strength limit) is 110 bar. Konveka devices easily withstand hydraulic

Safe operating voltage of fans

The operating voltage of all FH fans is 24V DC. This voltage is safe for humans.


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