Floor mounted convector heaters SC

Floor mounted heaters SC

Floor mounted convector heaters SC

Natural convection convectors SC are used in cases where, for some reason it is not possible to install trench heaters. They produce high heating output and therefore can be used as the main heating devices. Classic design and a wide range of colors makes it possible to adapt to a variety of interior styles. Low casings practically do not obstruct the view from the window. By spreading the heat to the top of the window, they create an effective warm-air curtain, which prevent cold air from entering the room. Although usually they are mounted near large windows, because of not warming-up casings they do not emit heat through the window, so it all stays in the room.

SC housings do not have sharp edges or corners, so they are safe. Easily removable casings makes it easy to clean the heat exchanger which is inside the heater. Design of the legs allows to effectively clean the floor around the appliance.

Floor-mounted models SC are ideal for windows with low windowsills.


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Dimensions and technical information

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