Technology and quality



We always use certified materials of the highest quality, so our products are characterised by both high quality and a long warranty period. Therefore, we are able to provide 30 - year warranty for our heat exchangers and 10 - year warranty for casings.


To heat a room, you first need to heat the water inside the heating device. The lower the water content, the lower is the expenditure for its heating. Our heating elements have very low water content and are also characterised by high power. It’s the ideal combination to save on costs.


Our convectors can reach high heating ( or cooling) capacity due to heat exchangers which are made of copper pipes and aluminium fins. The large number of aluminium fins increases the heat transfer area, which then transfers the heat to the ambient air more intensively, and thus the heat spreads around the room quickly and efficiently.

Heating and cooling

Some of our products can not only heat your home or office on cold winter evenings, but also cool it on hot summer days. They can operate on both dry and wet cooling reaching very high capacities at low noise levels.

Easy installation

The design of the heaters is created for easy installation. The installation of most our heaters takes 25-40 minutes, depending on its size and type.

Turbo convection

Part of our convectors are equipped with “Turbo convection” technology. These have a fan inside the heater, which boosts heating capacity of the heater and speeds up the circulation of warm or cool air in the room.

Production process and quality

Quality is our key priority. We are constantly improving our knowledge and applying it in the design and production of our heaters. This enables us to give long warranty periods for all our products.


The highest quality materials

Copper and aluminium of the highest quality are used for the manufacturing of the heat exchangers for our heaters, while the housings and other parts are produced from stainless steel. All these materials have outstanding corrosion resistance.

Automated, high-precision production process

The production process for our convectors and their components is entirely automated and computerised. This automated production process is based on modern production equipment, which is characterised by extremely high accuracy and output levels.

Special painting process

Some our products are coated by environmental friendly powder - coating technology. We use very durable epoxy - polyester powder for this. A lot of attention we pay for pretreatment process which enables to get good paint adhesion and outstangind corrosion resistance of coated parts.